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articles in refereed journals

Paul Bunyan, folk made fake

“Folklore, Fakelore, Scholars, and Shills: Superheroes as ‘Myth’.”

Morgan Freeman, enabling ambiguity

“Ambiguous Mr. Fox: Black Actors and Interest Convergence in the Superhero Film.”

Zoë Kravitz, structural necessity

“Storm and the Angels of History: Blackness and Star Image in the X-Men Films.”

Watchmen spinoff, exploitative pandering

“From Off-Brand to Franchise: Watchmen as Advertisement.”

copycat villain, duopolist's nightmare

“The Hollywood Superhero as Brand Manager: An Allegory of Intellectual Property.”

Maximum Overdrive, gimmick as movie

“Doing Stephen King ‘Right’: Wilmywood and the Industrial Auteur.”

H. P. Lovecraft, occasion

“Lovecraft Fandom(s): Racism, Denial, and White Nationalism.”

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