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The Shadow out of Providence: A Lovecraftical Metatext

The Shadow out of Providence comprises a play and two short stories, featuring illustrations by Timothy Hutchings, Erol Otus, and Dan Zettwoch. The book draws inspiration from the work of the Providence fantasist Howard Phillips Lovecraft (1890-1937). It critiques Lovecraft’s racism, his nostalgia for aristocracy, and his florid style, while it celebrates his work’s continuing influence on culture.

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Each copy includes a bookplate by Erol Otus, a hand-silkscreened acetate bookmark by Dan Zettwoch, and a random postcard by one of the three artists.

cover, The Shadow Out of Providence
Geheeh imagines Nefandous Things, by Erol Otus
production design for ghost of Edgar Allan Poe, by Dan Zettwoch
Study #2, by Timothy Hutchings
bookplate by Erol Otus
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